Government Debates Erupt Over Gun Control.

Two major debates in Georgia are peaking. The first, who will represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District? The second, should republican Governor Nathan Deal sign House Bill 280 regarding gun control, which allows registered gun owners to carry firearms on public college campuses?


Bona Allen, the resident of Atlanta’s 6th district, said “As far as guns on campus, I’m opposed to it. I think that the only guns on campus should be law enforcement.”


During his campaign, President Trump was endorsed by the NRA because of his pro-Second Amendment beliefs. During a speech at the NRA’s annual meeting, Trump is expected to dazzle the crowd with his Second Amendment comments.


Many 6th district residents believe that the Second Amendment should be exercised – they believe that the real issue lies deeper than restricting the American’s right to bear arms.


Amy Jeffs, an advocate for the Second Amendment, agrees that the people on both sides of the gun debate need to compromise. “It’s not about taking somebody’s rights away. It is not about inventorying anyone’s firearms. It is about preventative measures to help end gun violence.”


The simple fact is: taking guns away will not end gun violence. “’common sense’ legislation could help curb the numbers with draconian restrictions on guns,” Jeffs said.  


Educating gun owners on the proper use of firearms and putting into place proper background checks are some simple pieces of legislation that can help reduce the amount of gun violence throughout the country.

With this in mind where do you stand on gun control?