Trump Shakes Things Up With NAFTA.

Trump shook things up a little bit after signing an executive order to renegotiate NAFTA the morning of April 27th. His most recent actions now threaten to withdraw from the renegotiations.


Embodying such an unorthodox presidential style, Trump easily confuses the press with what course of action he plans to take with any number of the various decisions resting on his plate. Trump ever so often makes unrealistic demands, pulls out, issues threats, and changes tactics. This all comes from the background of being a businessman and his only goal is in service of hammering out an agreement.


After yesterday, the White House issued a statement saying, “President Trump agreed not to terminate NAFTA at this time and the leaders agreed to proceed swiftly, according to their required internal procedures, to enable the negotiation of the NAFTA deal to the benefit of all three countries.”


Now, some analysts may interpret this as rocking back in forth but my take is that this is a bold strategy. Trump seems to be using the media to alarm Canada and Mexico of the ‘prospect of the United States’ pulling out.


Although the media often portrays the Trump White House as being in a state of chaos, and it is true they sometimes fuel the fire to that notion, his actions have a more purposeful meaning than many can clearly see. In negotiations, it doesn’t hurt to have the opposition think you might do something crazy.