The Battle Has Been Won, But Don’t Forget About The War

Just this past Thursday, Republicans shocked the media and were able to scrounge together 217 ‘yes’ votes set to repeal and replace the current health care plan and Affordable Care Act.


Republicans have been facing a fair amount of scrutiny for their ‘inability to get shit done.’


House Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise deserve a ton of credit along with our President Donald Trump who all actively pursued controversial matters that have arisen over the past few days.


Together they were able to settle any arguments and provide the clarity needed for the bill to get the votes it needed.


Unfortunately, the American Health Care Act faces a rather uncertain fate in its future with the Senate and an even more vague political future.


The battle that occurred on the House floor Thursday was the easy part. Republicans control the majority of the seats and in a chamber built around majority rule, the majority almost always wins.


The main challenge comes with the Senate. Even though the Republicans hold the majority, it is a very narrow margin. They had enough trouble as it is to pass it through the House of Representatives.


Several Republican senators have already voiced concerns regarding the elimination of pre-existing conditions mandate and the freezing of Medicaid expansion that were both included in the House bill.


The legislation would also strip out most funding in the ACA for additional treatment, an issue that will be a major topic in the Senate.


The bill still faces many challenges to come in getting passed. Lets hope that it can push its way through so it can begin hurdling the challenges of its political future.