Let The Spending Begin

Congress just approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill that is set to keep the government running through September.


Just one day after the House approved it; the Senate passed it with a 79-18 vote.


The bill is now on its way to the White House to get a final approval from President Trump. This would be his first major piece of legislation.


The spending bill includes a whopping $15 billion for the Pentagon and $1.5 billion in emergency border security funds but does not include funding that would commence construction on the President’s southern border wall with Mexico.


Democrats were able to negotiate parts of the bill that Trump sought after such as foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, support for the arts (who cares), and the economic development grants, and a variety of other accounts.


The bill also increases spending for NASA, something I’m very happy about, along with medical research, and federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI.


Trump argued on Twitter about the bipartisan process that produces the measure but then changed course to proudly touch on the additional spending that he intends to introduce to the military and border security. The White House has assured that Trump will sign the bill.


Tea party Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va has said “It is a win for Democrats and a loss for conservatives.”


With control of not only the White House, but both chambers of Congress, Republicans finally have a chance to make some great changes for this country of ours.