Michelle Malkin Eviscerates Rachel Maddow For Spreading Awful Fake News About President Trump

Rachel Maddow has been pushing the Trump and Russia conspiracy for a long time now. She recently shocked her audience by admitting that President Trump might be innocent. She claimed it was “absolutely possible” that President Trump had no idea of Russian hacking.

“I mean, Russia clearly did this attack, and there’s lots of circumstantial evidence that points at lots of unexplained and surreptitious contact between Trump people and Russian people at the time that was happening. But circumstantial evidence is circumstantial evidence. This is a serious thing that needs to be chased down to the end,” said Maddow.

Michelle Malkin went on Fox News and slammed Maddow. “I think that Rachel Maddow must be Reynolds Wrap’s number one customer because the tin foil hat consumption is through the roof. Her number one goal is to bash and obstruct the Trump administration — it has been since day one. And they’re going to beat that dead horse until they can’t do it anymore,” said Malkin.

“It is an allusion factory, it is an echo chamber. People are sick and tired of it…there is so much real news that is going on,” said Malkin. She went on to insult the Rolling Stone for declaring Maddow to be the “most trusted name in news”.

Do you think she’s right? Check out Michelle Malkin in the interview below.