“If You Want To Keep Calling Us Racists…” Alex Marlow Crushes Bill Maher For Slandering Republicans

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief, Alex Marlow, went onto Bill Maher’s show and schooled him for constantly trying to say that Trump supporters are racist. Marlow started by discussing the newest trend of liberals to shame companies out of adversing with Conservatives.

“And so, what’s happened is that corporations are now deciding what’s free and fair speech, who can make a living, what opinions you can make a living saying now, and, of course, now, you’re seeing the right fight fire with fire and want boycotts of when the left takes it too far in their Trump hatred,” explained Marlow.

“When you have a climate where you have, CNN, for example, calling Breitbart to the number one platform for the Nazi salute over a video we never played and CNN played, when you have the New York Times accusing Breitbart of putting racist dog whistles out, when the media lies so much about people, calling Trump supporters racists, despicable, deplorable, all of these things over and over-” explained Marlow before being interrupted.

“They have been racist, despicable, and deplorable!” yelled Maher.

“I encourage everyone to go to breitbart.com/people. You can meet some of the Breitbart reporters, the Breitbart editors. They’re the most wonderful, diverse, influential journalists on the planet, and no one is interested in their real story because they’re so quick to call people racist. And it’s not working. That is why so many Democrats are losing across the country. … And so, if you want to play that game, Bill, if you want to keep calling us racists, I don’t think it’s going to work for you, so please, have at it,” said Marlow. Check out the video below.