Pence Just Brought The Freedom Caucus To Tears With What He Said, Wow [Details]

The liberal-biased media has been trying to portray Vice President Mike Pence as just a stooge whose role is to lend political credibility to outsider businessman President Donald Trump and otherwise just be a warm body in a room for photo ops.

However, the truth is far different from that. While staying out of the limelight to not step on Trump’s toes, Pence has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to carry out President Trump’s agenda. A recent article detailed a powerful speech Pence made earlier this year to the Republican party’s Freedom Caucus that reportedly brought some of its toughest members to tears.

Politico writer Tim Alberta detailed Vice President’s strategy to persuade unconvinced members of the Freedom Caucus to finally come forward and support the Trumpcare bill in March. Wrote Alberta about the meeting, “Not long after they had gathered, however, the door was flung open and in marched Pence. He was accompanied by Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and neither man was smiling.”

The article continued, “Pence — himself a former member of the Tea Party Caucus — reportedly pleaded with members to hop on board with the bill, and ‘let loose an uncharacteristic flash of anger’: ‘I was the Freedom Caucus before the Freedom Caucus existed,’ Pence told them, his voice rising, according to multiple people who were in the room. ‘Don’t try to tell me this bill isn’t conservative enough.'” Pence’s speech was clearly effective. Wrote Alberta, “After Pence abruptly exited the meeting, and several grown men had broken into tears because of the tension present in the room, a chorus of Freedom Caucus members informed Chairman Meadows that they would now support the legislation if a vote were held.”

Pence’s words reportedly put down the groundwork for the success of the second version of the healthcare bill. Stated the article, “Pence’s power play was not lost on a group of lawmakers who pride themselves on defying their party’s leadership. ‘There were a number of our people who would have voted with the vice president based on that meeting,’ Meadows tells me. ‘There were House Freedom Caucus members willing to support the bill, despite great reservations, because of Vice President Pence.'” Are you glad Trump has a heavy hitter like Mike Pence on his team?