Rush Noticed Something Very Strange On CNN When They Ran Story On Liberal Shooter

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh has been paying very close attention to the continued coverage about extremist liberal gunman James T. Hodgkinson following for former Bernie Sanders volunteer’s near-fatal attack on Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers.

In watching reporting across the various networks, Rush noticed something very strange about how CNN has been reporting the unfolding story. Namely, they have not been spending any time discussing Hodgkinson’s fanatical devotion to leftist causes and political leaders.

Detailed Limbaugh on his show, “CNN is not very interested in who this guy is. They will show his driver’s license and picture, occasionally, but any history of the guy’s deep devotion to various media celebrities, various media broadcasts, publications, his tweet history and all of that that we’ve shared with you, CNN viewers are not getting. CNN viewers are actually being given a high dose of the Republicans and Democrats coming together on the House floor today after the event. “

Limbaugh said this is not shocking, given CNN’s overt liberal bias. Said Rush, “It’s not curious at all that CNN would basically want to say, ‘Hey, the guy that did the shooting? No big deal! It’s how we’re coming together that matters.’ It’s not a shock to me.” He then posited, “You know, you look at it the other way around. I don’t even want to allude to the possibility. I don’t even want to put it out there. But if you did a 180 on this and everything happened the opposite of the way it did, the only thing you’d be seeing on CNN is a never-ending profile of the shooter as negative and penetrating as they could make it.”

Rush played an audio clip of Hodgkinson’s friend, trying to justify James’ violence. The friend said, “I just want to let people know that he wasn’t evil, that he was, I guess, tired of some of the politics going on.” Explained Rush, “This is what his buddy is saying: ‘Hey, I knew the guy, and he’s not a fruitcake. I knew the guy, and he was not a Looney Toon. I knew the guy, and he wasn’t insane or any of that. He just got tired of some of the politics going on. He was not an evil guy.’ Translation: ‘Hey, he’s a mainstream leftist. Don’t mischaracterize my friend! He just reached his limit.’ Limit of what? What’s Trump actually done to hurt any of these people? What has Trump done that harms these people? The answer is zilch, zero, nada.” Said Limbaugh, “This is what happens with raw, undiluted hatred. No human being or group of people can go through life constantly enraged and boiling over. It’s not possible. There has to be a breaking point.” Do you agree with Rush?