Watch Tucker Carlson Obliterate Democratic Strategist Who Wants to Hunt Republicans

On Monday, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson slammed Democratic strategist Jim Devine for posting a Tweet that used hashtags in reference to hunting down Republican members of Congress. The tweet came just after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were wounded by a deranged shooter who targeted Republicans at a congressional baseball practice.

“So, Jim Devine,” Carlson questioned, “under what circumstances is it morally acceptable to use violence for political ends?”

“It’s never moral, it’s never acceptable to use violence for political ends, except perhaps in the most extreme cases, I refer you to George Washington and those guys,” replied Devine. “The fact of the matter is we do with ballots in this country what they do with bullets elsewhere. And it is not uncommon in politics that we use the language of war.”

“We talk about fierce rhetoric,” he added, “we talk about campus crusades, and so on. You were on a television program, and I don’t know what your body count was, when you were on “Crossfire,” I assume that there were no real casualties there.”

“Oh stop, oh stop, you know what,” Carlson interjected, “I want to have a reasonable conversation. I don’t want to demagogue this, but in the hours after five people were shot, including the House majority whip, you sent out a tweet that said, ‘hunt Republicans,’ I mean it was clearly a reference to the assassination attempt against congressman [Steve] Scalise. It’s hard to imagine how you could justify writing something like that.”

Scalise is still recovering in the hospital from the gunshot wounds that damaged his internal organs. The congressional aide who was shot, along with the Capitol Police officers who subdued the shooter, are also recovering.

The FBI reported that John Hodgkinson, the attacker who died after the Capitol Police officers returned fire, had compiled a list of specific member of Congress that he wanted to target.

First reported by TheBlaze.