Nebraska Democratic Party Official ‘Glad’ Scalise Was Shot and Wishes He Died

Nebraska Democratic Party technology chairman was fired after he was exposed in an audio recording stating that he was “glad” that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot at a GOP congressional baseball practice.

“His whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to [expletive] kick people off [expletive] health care,” Phil Montag said. “I’m glad he got shot.”

James Hodgkinson, the deranged shooter, targeted Republicans at the practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise was shot in the hip and required several surgeries since the incident.

Montag added, “I wish he was [expletive] dead.”

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman, acknowledged that the tape was Montag and stated that she fired him when it was released.

“We obviously condemn any kind of violence, whether it’s comments on Facebook or comments in a meeting,” Kleeb exclaimed. “Our country is better than the political rhetoric that is out there from both the far right and the far left.”

Montag’s disgusting statements come just after another Nebraska Democratic official made similar comments on a Facebook post.

Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, the chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic Party black caucus, wrote “Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?”

“Hard to be empathetic towards those that have no empathy for us. The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them” she also posted.

Kleeb characterized the posts as “troubling” and that they “show the ugly political divide” spreading throughout America.


First reported by TheBlaze.