House Passes ‘Kate’s Law,’ Trump Praises Steps Against Illegal Immigration

On Thursday, Republicans in the House passed two laws – “Kate’s Law” and “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” – to further prevent illegal immigration.

President Donald Trump praised the act in a tweet, “Good news, House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow.”

North Carolina Representative Mark Walker explained the new bills and urged fellow Democratic members of Congress to support them as well.

“Thank you Chairman Goodlatte, we appreciate your boldness in protecting the citizens of America with great legislation,” Walker stated. “When the father of Kate Steinle, Jim, testified before Congress he said, ‘everywhere Kate went throughout the world, she shined the light of a good citizen from the United States of America.’”

“Unfortunately, due to unjointed laws and basic incompetence of the government,” he continued “the United States has suffered a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person that should have never been on the streets in this country.”

“Well today we can resolve that,” he exclaimed.

“Two years ago this weekend, Kate’s life was ended when she was gunned down by a five time deported criminal illegal alien with seven prior felony convictions,” Walker said. “Kate’s Law will stiffen penalties, helping to stop these preventable tragedies.”

“Additionally,” he stated further, “the House will pass the ‘No Sanctuary for Criminals Act’ as well. You just heard, will Democrats participate. Well 80 per cent support ending ‘sanctuary cities’ and no citizen should be in danger because politicians think they are above the law.”

“So will Democrats participate?” Walker questioned. “Will they listen to their constituents? 80 per cent of Americans feel pretty good about this law.”

Although Trump will support both bills, they face a battle in the Senate where they need 60 votes to pass.


First reported by TheBlaze.