NYT Writer Claims Sean Hannity Doesn’t Deserve Buckley Award, Hannity’s Response Leaves Him Silent

Sean Hannity just won the William F. Buckley award for media excellence. This made New York Times writer Bret Stephens so angry that he wrote an article called “Sean Hannity Is No William F. Buckley”.

“Thus, when Hannity peddles conspiracy theories about Seth Rich, the young Democratic National Committee staffer murdered in Washington last year, that’s an echo of John Birch,” wrote Stephens.

“And so we reach the Idiot stage of the conservative cycle, in which a Buckley Award for Sean Hannity suggests nothing ironic, much less Orwellian, to those bestowing it, applauding it, or even shrugging it off. The award itself is trivial, but it’s a fresh reminder of who now holds the commanding heights of conservative life, and what it is that they think,” wrote Stephens.

“For the first time in my life I partly agree with @BretStephensNYT I do not deserve the WFB award. I also never deserved the 2 Marconis…..” tweeted Hannity in response. “Nor do I deserve the Radio Hall of Fame, Free speech awards from Talkers or the R&R tall host of the year awards I have won. Nor do I care,” he said.

“As long as you honor me with these opportunities I will continue to fight hard for the things I truly believe in. Not what WFB, Media, NYT’s. Believes in. I’m not Buckley, Rush, Mark, or anybody else. I’m myself. I will fight for limited Govt, lower taxes, less regulation, Energy independence, school choice, balanced budgets, secure borders, defeating Isis and radical Islam. And will battle a corrupt media. So @BretStephensNYT I’ll say to you and the @nytimes (Fake News) I do not care what u think. God bless America,” tweeted Hannity. Awesome.