The President Of Poland Crushes CNN For Spreading Fake News About Trump Conference, It’s Brutal

It appears CNN will go to any lengths to insult Trump. Even if it means deceptively editing a video. President Trump made an amazing speech in Poland. But all CNN cared about was that for a brief moment, it looked like the First Lady of Poland snubbed President Trump and shook Melania’s hand instead. However, what CNN didn’t show, was that the first lady shook Trump’s hand 1 SECOND LATER.

“Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump @POTUS after a great visit. Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS,” wrote Polish President Andrzej Duda.

In an interview with Alex Marlow, Dr. Sebastian Gorka pointed out just how ridiculous this situation was.
“It demonstrates the clutching at straws, the desperation of the mainstream media complex. The president, our president, was absolutely right. He Tweeted a few hours ago that the Fake News media will never cover him accurately, but then he added, ‘Who cares? We will continue to Make America Great Again,’” said Gorka.

“It just demonstrates how bankrupt – you know, we’ve had eight years of oleaginous sycophancy from the mainstream media for the Obama administration. They still can’t psychologically deal with the reality that was November the 8th. This is how they try to maintain their sanity. But it’s irrelevant, because that’s not why the president was elected,” said Gorka.

“We’ve had the Russia hoax – and it is a hoax – for now more than five months. That’s failed utterly and completely, but they can’t move on. It’s that codependency of the unhealthy relationship, where the mainstream media is not prepared to understand the reality, and they will continue to peddle their fake news,” he said.