John Bolton Argues Trump is Acting ‘Exactly Like’ Obama

On Friday, John Bolton commented on the ceasefire deal between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Bolton suggested that this deal is much the same as deals made by former President Barack Obama.

“I’m very nervous about this for two reasons,” Bolton stated about the deal.

“One, on the broad level,” he said, “I think it was a mistake for Barack Obama to acquiesce in greater Russian presence militarily in Syria. I understand the physical reality now. But this deal goes a long way towards politically acquiescing and legitimizing that Russian presence, and I think that’s a mistake, number one.”

“Number two, I’m not at all sure that this ceasefire,” Bolton explained, “assuming it holds, and that’s a big assumption, doesn’t mostly benefit the Assad regime. In other words, it gives them some column on this particular front, to enable them to move forward on another front.”

“Well Tillerson’s not gonna be rolled over on this either,” Ingraham exclaimed, “you think Tillerson or [the] secretary of defense is gonna go along with something they think is completely unworkable? I mean they’re pretty involved in all of this. Not so much Mattis, but certainly Tillerson was, and what he said was looks like we can build on this conversation for future progress.”

“What bothers me about it more than anything else,” Bolton replied, “it sounds exactly like the Obama administration’s position.”

Bolton added, “The secretary of state then went on to say, we expect Assad to leave, we’ll have a transition period, we haven’t quite worked out the details, how that’s going to happen.”

“The Russians are never gonna acquiesce in Assad leaving, as they have not for the past six years,” he argued, “if it endangers their presence in Syria.”

First reported by The Blaze.