Laura Ingraham Crushes Muslim Leader For Supporting “Jihad” Against President Trump

Liberal woman’s march idol and Muslim extremist Linda Sarsour made an insane speech urging Muslims to wage Jihad against President Trump.

“Why, sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared? Why are we so afraid of this administration and the potential chaos that they will ensue on our community? I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad. … We are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad … but here in the United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamaphobes reining in the White House,” said Sarsour.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi went on Fox News to defend Sarsour’s comments. “If you live it for us, ‘jihad’ means to be a better person, more honest, more truthful, more trustworthy. But, of course, if you live this jihad for ISIS, live the Koran for ISIS, or Bible for the KKK, they have a different interpretation of it,” said Elahi.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham went on to crush him. “Imam, here’s what doesn’t go over well with most Americans … Linda Sarsour getting up there and saying the ‘fascist,’ ‘islamophobe,’ ‘white supremacists’ in the Oval Office,” said Ingraham.

“That is so purposefully incendiary, and I would say if he weren’t the president of the United States, he could sue for defamation. Because that’s just garbage. That’s meant to incite Muslims, to whom she’s speaking. It’s certainly not meant to build bridges. That is meant to incite, infuriate — infuriate is fine, but incite is not good,” she said. Check out the video below.