“You’re A Propagandist!” Mark Levin Eviscerates CNN’s Brian Stelter

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin got into a major confrontation with CNN liberal anchor Brian Stelter. The very liberally biased Brian Stelter invited Mark Levin onto his show. But because of their history, Levin rejected Stelter.

“Are you kidding me? Buddy, I’ve zero respect for CNN or you. You’re a propagandist,” wrote Levin. He then went on to accuse Stelter of only invited him on because a recent Bozell and Graham article called “Bozell & Graham Column: Another Mark Levin Best-Seller Spiked”.

“But once again, Levin is being shunned by the thought police. Witness that though it’s a runaway best-seller, now seven days consecutively, the establishment media have censored him completely, with not a single interview granted,” said the article.

Levin continued his assault on Stelter. “You only asked after they issued their statement. Why is that? Now you can say you asked. Make sure you get the order of things right. You’re not very good at that. Also make sure you report that I dismissed you as a propagandist and CNN as a joke,” wrote Levin.

“What did I do to anger you?” responded Stelter. Levin didn’t respond. Do you think Levin should have gone on CNN, or was he right to reject him? Levin has called out Stelter before. “His program is notoriously biased, and I personally think he’s rather stupid. So what’s the point?” said Levin back in March.