Muslim Liberal Leader Defends Waging ‘Jihad’ Against Trump, Blames Americans For Being Stupid

Woman’s March leader and Muslim extremist Linda Sarsour recently made headlines after urging Muslims in America to wage Jihad against President Trump and his administration. She recently defended herself by explaining that Americans are just too dumb to understand what ‘Jihad’ really means.

“In my speech — you can watch the unedited version here — I sent not a call to violence, but a call to speak truth to power and to commit to the struggle for racial and economic justice. I was speaking to an all-Muslim audience; as an American, I should be free to share and discuss scripture and teachings of my beloved Prophet,” she wrote about her mass murderer prophet.

“Most disturbing about this recent defamation campaign is how it is focused on demonizing the legitimate yet widely misunderstood Islamic term I used, ‘jihad,’ which to majority of Muslims and according to religious scholars means ‘struggle’ or ‘to strive for,’” she wrote.

“This term has been hijacked by Muslim extremists and right-wing extremists alike, leaving ordinary Muslims to defend our faith and in some cases silenced. It sets a dangerous precedent when people of faith are policed and when practicing their religion peacefully comes with consequences,” she wrote.

Sarsour said she will keep fighting despite attacks from “conservative media”. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and I intend to continue to push my country to respect the rights of all its citizens. I will not be silenced,” said Sarsour.