Did Bill Clinton Just Criticize His Own Wife?

Fox News host Howie Kurtz commented on former president Bill Clinton’s response to a question at the Presidential Leadership Scholars event in Dallas, Texas.

David Rubenstein, the moderator of the event, asked Clinton and former president George W. Bush what they believed is the most essential quality to become president. Many were convinced that Clinton’s answer was a criticism of his wife, Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

“I also think you have to begin with the end in mind,” Clinton answered. “You have to say, yeah, you gotta win the election. But why in the heck are you running?”

“That’s another thing I noticed about him,” he stated while pointing to Bush. “When he ran for governor against Ann Richards, he didn’t say ‘Ann Richards is a klutz.’ He said, ‘I wanna be governor because I wanna do one, two, three things.’ Couple of ’em I didn’t agree with. But he had an agenda.”

“If you want to be president,” Clinton added, “realize, it’s about the people, not about you.”

On Fox News, Kurtz said that Clinton was not taking shots at his wife, but detailed why many believed he was alluding to the 2016 presidential race.

“It’s obvious to the rest of us what he’s talking about,” Kurtz contended, “and look, Hillary Clinton had a campaign where she had a whole laundry list of liberal positions but no theme, no emotional connection to voters, and not much more beyond Donald Trump is awful, and that’s what the former president was artfully saying.”

Kurtz the described how Hillary Clinton failed “to campaign with certain kinds of voters where she didn’t go as well, Martha.”

“So Clinton, the former president, that is,” he continued, “argued internally during the 2016 campaign, his wife needed to do more of that. He did some of it himself, he went to places like Lansing, Michigan, the final week of the campaign.”

First reported by The Blaze.