Alan Dershowitz Disputes Claims That Trump Jr. Meeting Was Illegal

On Fox News, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz disputed the claims that the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer were illegal or treasonous.

In early July, The New York Times reported on a controversial meeting in 2016 that included Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, a former counterintelligence officer, a translator, and an unidentified person, as a well as, Donald Trump Jr. and the lawyer. The Russians allegedly had “high-level” information about then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. claims that he set aside any information given at the meeting.

Nevertheless, Democrats contend that by taking the meeting, the Trump campaign was in violation of federal election laws that state candidates cannot obtain “value” from foreign governments or organization.

Dershowitz, however, rejects this assertion.

“If it were to be prosecuted, the First Amendment would trump. A candidate has the right to get information from whatever source the information comes. It’s very much like the New York Times publishing the Pentagon Papers story or the Washington Post publishing information stolen by [Edward] Snowden and [Chelsea] Manning,” Dershowitz exclaimed. “You don’t prosecute the newspaper, they have a First Amendment right. And you don’t prosecute the candidate or the candidate’s son. They have a First Amendment right to get the material.”

Furthermore, Dershowitz clarified that people can only be prosecuted for illegally acquiring information. It is permitted, though, to use information that was illegally obtained.

“So you can’t include information under the campaign finance law. That would be unconstitutional,” Dershowitz argued.

Dershowitz also stated that “collusion” is “not a crime.” He noted that he is “upset” people are arguing that Trump Jr. is guilty of treason because those assertions “so fly in the face of history.”

“It is unconceivable that anybody who has knowledge of the Constitution or of American history would argue that a private citizen, by securing information from a campaign from somebody who may be a surrogate of the government, has committed treason,” he added.

“It’s just so ahistorical and contrary to what the law is that we ought to stop talking about it because we’re miseducating American people,” Dershowitz contended.

First reported by The Blaze.