Author Crushes Chelsea Clinton With A Lawsuit For Stealing Her Book Idea

Chelsea Clinton released an obnoxious children’s book called ‘She Persisted’ in an attempt to brainwash children to become Democrats. The title ‘She Persisted’ is based on when Mitch McConnell shut down Elizabeth Warren for calling Sessions a racist. “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,” said McConnell.

The book talks about 13 inspirational women throughout history. Many people have been disappointed by the book. “At what point did Oprah become more important than Rosa Parks? Am I missing something? I will return this book. Don’t waste your money,” wrote one reviewer. It gets worse. It turns out Chelsea Clinton may have stolen the book from another author. Not so inspirational anymore.

Christopher Kimberly filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Chelsea and Penguin Random House for copyright infringement. Kimberly sent his book “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart” to the publisher.

“I am in disbelief. I did months of painstaking research on my book. Her version looks like a ninth-grade homework assignment,” said Kimberly. He noted that his book shares three of the same quotes from three historical women.

Kimberly’s book has a “Quotable Questionnaire” section which featured 15 quotes Chelsea’s book has a similar section that features 13 quotes. For more information read here.