Eric Bolling Goes After The Person Who Is Really To Blame For ‘Russian Interference’, It’s Not Trump Or Putin

The media has been going after Trump Jr. over his so-called ‘collusion’ with Russia. Every week it seems like they’ve got something new against President Trump and his family. Eric Bolling however, exposed who is really to blame for ‘Russian Interference’.

“Since the loss of their dear leader, Hillary Clinton, Democrats have been the epitome of sore losers,” started Bolling. You can recall that Fox has made a list of over 25 things Hillary has blamed her loss on, besides herself. From Russia, to Comey, to sexism, to the DNC.

“Make no mistake: If Russia interfered in our elections there is only one person to blame, and that is Barack Obama, who was in charge of protecting the integrity of our federal elections system,” said Bolling.

“Why is no one looking into what he did to protect the ballot box? Democrats need to wake up and realize that from Wisconsin to Kentucky, and from Michigan to Pennsylvania people voted for Donald Trump because he promised jobs, security, and the willingness to drain ‘the swamp,’” said Bolling.

Do you think he’s right? Are you sick of the mainstream media’s constant attempt to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency? Check out Eric Bolling in the video below.