Krauthammer Says ‘Clean Repeal’ of Obamacare Would Be ‘Suicidal’

On Wednesday, Fox News conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer asserted that it would be “suicidal” for Republicans to vote on a “clean repeal” of Obamacare following their inability to pass a health care bill to repeal and replace it.

“Look, I think the chances of a resurrection here are rather small,” Krauthammer stated. “If it succeeded, it would be the most spectacular since Lazarus, and I’m not sure that these people have divine powers.

“The problem is that they chose an issue on which inherently there are huge divisions among Republicans,” he continued. “And I don’t think it sort of questions the very existence or even the value of the party. They made a strategic error in doing this. And in part, it was for tactical reasons. They wanted to repeal heath care reform so that they could get a new, better bottom line to work with in doing tax reform.”

“So it was kind of an inside baseball parliamentary maneuver,” Krauthammer explained. “They ran into the problem that after seven years what they were united on seven years ago was different because people have become accustomed to the new entitlement and that’s why they’re split.”

“I think they have a good chance of working out something on tax reform,” he argued. “That’s their strength. That’s what I would have recommended they start with. I think the best thing to do now, ironically, is to walk away.”

“I think it’s going to be suicidal to go ahead with the vote next week,” he added. “It would be a repudiation.”

“It’s going to be a vote to proceed, meaning that there are Republicans who will vote against it,” Krauthammer ended, “and there will be enough, I think, to shoot it down, are saying ‘we’re done with this.’ Well, you don’t have to have it officially on the record, just walk away and go immediately to something perhaps even radical on tax reform.”

First reported by The Blaze.