Rush Reveals Who Trump Should Really Be Angry At Instead Of Jeff Sessions

According to widespread reports, President Donald Trump is not pleased with his handpicked U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the reason that Sessions is not doing more to defend Trump from liberals’ accusations that Trump colluded with Russians during the 2016 election.

One large reason Sessions cannot offer more assistance to Trump is because he recused himself from matters related to the Russia investigation. However, Limbaugh stated that Trump is incorrect in targeting Jeff Sessions. Instead, Rush stated that Trump should direct his ire at Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.

Said Limbaugh, regarding special counsel Robert Mueller, “The appearance is he’s looking for a crime. That’s not what special counsels do. That’s not why they’re appointed. This whole thing is a complete bastardization of the entire process. In addition to that, there are no parameters. Rosenstein, not Sessions… It’s Rosenstein that Trump ought to be mad at. It’s Rosenstein that ought to be the subject of this abuse if Trump’s really upset about Mueller and his investigation. Because it’s Rosenstein that did not put any limits on Mueller as far as where he can look and what he can look for. Under normal circumstances, there would be a crime.”

He continued, “Let me illustrate it this way. According to the Justice Department regulations… Let’s say there is a crime. Pick a crime, and it’s been established that a crime was committed. They appoint a special counsel. He’s investigating it. If, in the investigation, he comes across another crime, he cannot go look at it. He cannot include it in the original charge. In that instance, he has to go back to the attorney general or deputy attorney general who appointed him. In this case it’d be Rosenstein. He has to go back and get permission to follow up this newly discovered crime. That’s how normally focused and limited these things are. This whole thing is — well, it doesn’t do it justice to call it a joke. It’s worse than that. This is obviously a setup.”

Rush concluded, “You know, if you want to deal with this up front and honest, I could make the case that Mueller wouldn’t be appointed, we wouldn’t have a special counsel if Trump had not fired Comey. If Trump hadn’t fired Comey, we wouldn’t be here. Comey’d still be there. He’d still be St. Comey. He’d still be doing what he’s doing, but we wouldn’t have a special counsel. But Trump fired him, which he’s totally entitled to do.” Do you think Limbaugh is right about Trump and Rod Rosenstein?