Liberal Teacher Tried To Toy With Border Patrol, They Taught Her A Harsh Lesson

Like every other country, the United States has Border Patrol agents whose job is to secure our borders and monitor the flow of people coming into the country. This is an entirely routine and universally accepted practice, except to some liberal extremists who believe that countries should eliminate all borders.

The United States Supreme Court decided the current rules for Border Patrol back in 1976 and Americans have been following them ever since. According to the rules, all cars coming into America are stopped and the people are asked questions by agents by Border Patrol. Agents also have the right to question people driving within our borders, particularly near border areas.

Says the rule set by the Supreme Court, “The Border Patrol’s routine stopping of a vehicle at a permanent checkpoint located on a major highway away from the Mexican border for brief questioning of the vehicle’s occupants is consistent with the Fourth Amendment, and the stops and questioning may be made at reasonably located checkpoints in the absence of any individualized suspicion that the particular vehicle contains illegal aliens.”

Pathetically, a liberal middle school teacher from California named Shane Parmely decided to test Border Patrol rules and had a fit when agents followed protocol. She was stopped at a checkpoint in New Mexico, and an agent asked her, “Citizens?” She should have just answered “Yes,” but instead she demanded, “Are we crossing a border?” The Border Patrol agent informed Shane of a number of Supreme Court cases she could read regarding Border Patrol rules, but this did not satisfy the liberal.

The angered Parmely asked, “So, if I just come through and say, ‘Yes, I’m a citizen,’ I can just go ahead? So, if I have an accent, and I’m brown, can I just say, ‘Yes,’ and go ahead, or do I have to prove it?” She wasn’t done. She continued, “I have a bunch of teacher friends who are sick of their kids being discriminated against.” Border Patrol did not let her continue, and detained her for 90 minutes until she came to her senses. Do you think this liberal will act differently next time?