WW2 Vet Has Incredible Reaction After Watching “Dunkirk”

In today’s culture, where the military has become increasingly politicized by liberals who want to defund it and weaken it morally, it’s refreshing to be reminded of a time when the military didn’t face such an assault. The new movie Dunkirk, which is set in World War II, is drawing raves for its accurate depiction of military in the heat of battle.

Of course, the only true judge of the film’s accuracy can be someone who actually was present during the events Dunkirk recreated. One 97-year-old World War II veteran named Ken Sturdy recently watched the movie and was clearly astonished at how much seeing the movie was like being there again.

When he was 20, Sturdy served as a signalman in the Royal Navy when he was evacuated from the French town of Dunkirk after it fell to Nazi troops. Commented Sturdy, who now lives in Calgary in Canada, “I had the privilege of seeing that film tonight and I am saddened by it because of what happened on that beach. I never thought I would see that again. It was just like I was there again.”

He continued, “It didn’t have a lot of dialogue. It didn’t need any of the dialogue because it told the story visually and it was so real. I was 20 when that happened, but watching the movie, I could see my old friends again and a lot of them died later in the war. I went on convoys after that in the North Atlantic. I had lost so many of my buddies. One of my mates was taken prisoner. He wasn’t killed on the beach. They marched him up to Poland. And he spent five years in a German prisoner camp.”

Said fellow filmgoer Kelly Kwansoos about Ken, “At the end of the movie I ran down the stairs and he was just wiping his tears away and I was able to shake his hand and give him a proper salute. I really hope that the younger generations can understand what it was like and really count their blessings. We’re so lucky.” Are you proud of our World War II veterans? Watch the segment about Sturdy below: