Eric Bolling Stuck It To Libs With Reason We Should Ignore All The Polls About Trump

As liberals and establishment Republicans found out the hard way on Election Day in 2016, polls cannot be trusted to tell what is truly going on with a political candidate, particularly one as unique and transformative was Donald Trump was. After all, nearly every single poll in the run-up to the election indicated that Trump was going to lose to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Fox News host Eric Bolling clearly has not forgotten this. He just applied it to the fact that liberals have been crowing about how low President Trump’s favorability numbers are, as measured by the same “experts” who ran last year’s election polls. In his monologue, Bolling urged Trump supporters to pay no heed to these baseless polls.

Said Bolling on his program The Specialists, “If you listen to the media, all they seem to want to do is repeatedly cry ‘Russia Russia Russia,’ they even claim Trump’s approval rating is tanking because of Russia. But something isn’t adding up again. Take a look at scenes from President Trump Wednesday night in Ohio. Just look at those crowds. Listen to them for a a second. I’m gonna double down on a call I made over a year ago. Watch the people, not the polls.”

Eric continued, “This president is popular with the people, not the New York crowd or the L.A. crowd, and certainly not the mainstream media, maybe not some people on this set, but real people. Middle American people. People who care about their families’ bottom lines, their wages, and whether or not they can buy their kids back-to-school supplies and maybe a new outfit for the first day of class. That’s what matters to America, the real America. They really don’t give a damn about Russia, period.”

Bolling slammed an op-ed piece that ran in the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post that criticized the speech President Trump delivered at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. Commented Eric, “Seriously, WashPo? Now you have a problem with the Boy Scouts? Ya just don’t get it, media and liberals. America loves a president who addresses the Boy Scouts. And to my fellow deplorables, stop listening to the fake news media, the propaganda news media, watch the people, not the polls. Trust me, you’ll get called names, you’ll get ridiculed, you’ll be made fun of, and in the end you’ll be right – and the emphasis is on right.” Do you agree with Eric Bolling? Watch below: