James Woods Makes Controversial “Transgender” Tweets, Liberals Are Furious

President Trump’s tweets about banning transgender people from joining the army have reignited the trans debate in this country. Hollywood actor and Trump supporter James Woods wrote a serious of smart tweets about the issue that made liberals really pissed off.

James Woods commented on a viral instagram from “Toni the tampon” who claims to be a ‘man’ who gets periods. Toni holds a sign that says “Periods are not just for women. #bleedingwhiletrans.” “This nonsense is about to be a footnote in the culture war history books…” tweeted Woods in response.

“The Baby Boomer generation has brought more damage to America than positives. All that wealth and education squandered on feelings,” responded one user. “Amen! I’m in the Baby Boom generation and I have said repeatedly that my generation has done more cultural damage than any in history,” responded James Woods.

“And the parents using their kids as PC cannon fodder on the front lines of the #transgender culture wars are the most reprehensible. But compassion for gender dysphoria is of paramount importance, however. One need not embrace a ridiculous PC narrative to be compassionate,” tweeted Woods.

“And it is EXACTLY these absurd self-serving memes that do serious harm to young men and women genuinely struggling with gender dysphoria… “Gender” has always referred to a distinction between pronouns. “Sex” was distinguished by chromosomes and genitalia,” tweeted Woods. Do you think he’s right? You can see the instagram post he was referring to below. But be warned. It is a bit disgusting and graphic.







Y’all know I’m trans and queer, And what that means for me all around, Is something that’s neither there nor here, It’s a happy, scary middle ground. So when I talk gender inclusion, And I wrote these rhymes to help you see, I’m not tryna bring up something shallow, Periods are honestly pretty traumatic for me. See my life is very clearly marked, Like a red border cut up a nation, A time before and a time beyond, The mark of my first menstruation. So let me take you back, To the details that I can still recall, Of the day I gained my first period, And the day that I lost it all. I was 15 and still happy, Running around, all chest bared and buck, Climbing trees, digging holes, And no one gave a single fuck. I mean I think my ma was worried, So I went and grew out my locks, A sign I was normal, still a girl, A painted neon sign for my gender box. So, the day I got my period, My god, a day so proud, This little andro fucked up kid, Had been bestowed the straight, cis shroud. The relief got all meshed up in my pain, In that moment, I sat down and cried, Just thanking god I was normal, While mourning the freedom that had died. Everyone told me my hips would grow, I looked at them and couldn’t stop crying, “What’s wrong with you? You’ll be a woman!” They kept celebrating a child dying. See my body had betrayed me, That red dot, the wax seal, On a contract left there broken, A gender identity that wasn’t real. Most people deal with blood and tissue, And yet my body forces me to surrender, Cause every time I get my cycle, Is another day I shed my gender. My boobs betray me first, I feel them stretching out my binder, I send up questions, “am I cursed?” And wish to god that she was kinder. The five days it flows, I try to breathe, I dissociate, While my body rips outs parts of me, Leaving nothing but a shell of hate. The blood drips from an open wound, Of a war waging deep inside my corpse, The battle between mind and body, Immovable object; unstoppable force. #bleedingwhiletrans #menstruator #genderinclusion #mencanmenstruate #protectranskids #periodpride #genderdysphoria #menstruationmatters #ifmenhadperiods [PLEASE SHARE!🌈]

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