“These Are Paid Killers”, Gingrich Reveals Truth About What Mueller Is Trying To Do

Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio is not friendly territory for a non-liberal like former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. However, Gingrich clearly felt that it was necessary to go into the lion’s den to clear the air about the deep biases that underly special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into President Donald Trump.

Rachel Martin, who hosts NPR’s Morning Edition, clearly tried to trap Gingrich with the usual liberal angles. Trying to imply that President Trump does not know how government works, she asked Newt, “Does President Trump understand the separation of powers here?” He answered, “Of course he does. But I think what you just said is not – you know, has a misleading implication. It is the attorney general’s job to enforce the law. Mueller, right now, I mean, it’s just – Andy McCarthy, who’s a former Department of Justice prosecutor, who prosecuted the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, has said over and over again that there’s no evidence of a crime. So what is Mueller investigating? Mueller’s engaged in a – in a fishing expedition.”

She tried to be cute with him, saying, “I mean, that is what an investigation is, you are pursuing questions…” Gingrich cut Rachel off, replying, “No, that is not true. That’s not true. You have no reason for appointing somebody with the power of the government if you know – if you have no evidence of a crime having been committed. It’s very clear in the statute which governs these kind of appointments.”

She then said it is “suspect” that Trump doesn’t want the investigation to continue. Responded Gingrich, “Of course it’s suspect to you. But isn’t it equally suspect to you that 97 percent of the donations by people employed at Justice went to Hillary Clinton and that, in terms of Mueller’s law firm, it was 99.82 percent went to Hillary Clinton. And in terms of the people he’s been hiring, these are paid killers.”

Flailing, Rachel stated, “So you’re suggesting that the president hire an attorney general who would plant and insert an entire department full of Republicans? That seems to be antithetical to the department’s entire raison d’etre, which is to be above partisan politics.” Shot back Newt, “Yeah, and if you believe that, you live in a fantasy land. If you believe the Justice Department does not have a deep cultural bias and you believe that the average conversation in the Justice Department is not anti-Trump, you’re just living in a fantasy land. And that’s the president’s frustration.” Do you think Newt got the better of her about Mueller?