CNN Interviews Actual MS-13 Gang Members In Order To Insult President Trump

CNN showed that they will go to any lengths to insult President Trump. They will even interview gang members and murders. MS-13 is one of the most violent gangs of all time. But CNN interviewed them and gleefully reported that one of the members felt like President Trump’s policies were helping them.

“This gang might actually be getting stronger. Why? The Trump administration’s own policies,” said Poppy Harlow. “We sat down with two MS-13 gang members. And all of them sort of described a situation where the level of fear among immigrants is so high that its actually emboldening the gang,” said Dan Lieberman.

They explained that because illegals are now afraid to go to the police, it is making the gangs job easier.

“Murders from MS-13 don’t only hurt one family, but hurt both. If you get caught, your family’s never gonna see you again,” said one gang member. “That’s why it’s so scary, so nuanced,” said Lieberman.
However there are tons of things that CNN is failing to report.

For one, President Trump’s aggressive policies have led to the arrest of hundreds of members from MS-13. The idea that Trump is helping them is just the thought of two random members from the group and might not even be true. But it seems like there is no limit to how low CNN will sink in order to insult President Trump. Check out the video below.