Wallace On MSNBC Declares That Fox News Is “State-Run Media”

MSNBC, CNN and many other liberal run news networks spent the last 8 years kissing Obama’s butt. However, they are now trying to pretend that none of that ever happened and attack Fox News for merely not condemning President Trump as much as they do.

Fox has done a fantastic job at calling out President Trump when it’s actually necessary and not just all the time. For example, Tucker Carlson just critiqued the President for his tweets against Sessions and Krauthammer critiqued the President for his military transgender ban tweets. However, this didn’t stop MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace from calling Fox News “state-run media.”

Nicolle Wallace started by ranting about how Fox is losing ratings because they aren’t harder on Trump. That’s not even true. Matt Schlaap from the American Conservative union responded. “Can I just say one thing? This rhetoric is way over the top. Fox News has different times of shows. There’s plenty of Republicans on Fox News who are never Trumpers. It’s more diverse than you’re characterizing-” said Schlapp before being interrupted.

“I didn’t attack Fox News. Let me make a point, though, real quick and then I’ll give you all the time you need. Even folks at Fox News will acknowledge pressure to carry the Trump message. You know that to be true. I know that to be true. People that have left Fox News — how is that different from state-run media in some places?” said asked.

Is MSNBC full of hypocritical idiots? Check out the video below.