Reince Priebus Is Asked If He Was A Leaker, His Shocking Answer Says It All

Anthony Scaramucci has accused Reince Priebus of being the White House leaker in several tweets and TV appearances. Shortly after, Reince Priebus ‘resigned’ and was replaced. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked him if he did leak information from the White House. But instead of saying ‘no’, he just laughed that the question was ridiculous. Leading many to believe that the real answer is ‘yes.’

“He made some bitter accusations against you, specifically the leaking… Are you the leaker in the White House?” asked Blitzer. “That’s ridiculous, Wolf. Come on. Gimme a break, I’m not gonna get into [Scaramucci’s] accusations…” responded Priebus immediately.

“Why not? Why not respond to him?” Blitzer asked. “Because I’m not going to because I’m going to honor the president. I’m gonna honor the president every day, and I’m gonna honor his agenda. And I’m gonna honor our country, and I’m not gonna get into all of this personal stuff,” responded Priebus, thinking that he could get out of it by complimenting the President.

“Is there a leaking problem in the White House based on what you’ve seen?” asked Blitzer.

“Yeah, I think that General Kelly should see if he should get to the bottom of it and figure it out. But obviously unnamed sources are something that’s been problematic and I wish him well, and I’m gonna try to help him, but obviously that’s gonna be on his plate, and I hope he can get to the bottom of it,” responded Priebus. Do you think he’s guilty? Why couldn’t he just say ‘no’? Check out the video below.