This Is How Sebastian Gorka Defends Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

During a radio interview last week, President Donald Trump’s deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka justified the president’s proposed transgender military ban after it stirred significant controversy.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Gorka asserted that the proposed ban is definitely warranted because the United States military is not a “microcosm of civilian society.”

“The military is not a microcosm of civilian society. They are not there to reflect America. They are there to kill people and blow stuff up. They are not there to be socially engineered,” Gorka contended.

“We want people who are transgender to live happy lives, but we want unit cohesion and we want combat effectiveness,” he continued.

Gorka added that he would like people to support the transgender community as a result of their disproportionately high suicide rate.

“We need to help those people,” Gorka exclaimed. “We don’t need to try and force them into the hierarchical military environment where they are under the upmost pressure to kill or be killed. And that is why the president is doing this out of the warmth of his consideration for this population.”

Subsequently, Gorka posted on Twitter that the White House will “refuse to treat the American military as an ideological petri dish.”

“Obama-era social engineering is over,” he also wrote.

On Wednesday, Trump announced the proposed ban on Twitter where he stated the United States military “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”


First reported by The Blaze.