Jill Stein Appears To Defend North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un

On Sunday, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared to give a defense of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, arguing that North Koreans felt “cornered” by the nuclear capabilities of the United States in support of the South Koreans.

After Stein blamed the United States for tipping the balance of power between the two Korean countries, the MSNBC host remarked, “it sounds as if you are supporting the positions of the North Korea-Russia-China alliance over that of the United States.”

Stein rejected the claims, “Actually, I’m supporting here the position of the South Korean people.” She further argued that the South Koreans are “tired of war” because they “lived under the threat of war for decades now.”

She also stated:

They don’t even have a peace treaty. The Korean War is still on. There’s an armistice but the people of the Korean peninsula, and especially in South Korea, have lived under the threat of war for decades now. They’re really tired of it. They would like to move ahead by negotiating a peace treaty. And the demonization of North Korea is part of the run-up to regime change. We saw it in Iraq. We saw it in Libya. It’s part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on and then what do we get? Look at our track record here. It’s not so good.

The MSNBC host then questioned Stein about the several recent ballistic missile tests from North Korea that have “added the provocation.”

In response, Stein justified Kim Jong Un’s actions.

“But remember where that came from. Long before their missile tests, the U.S. was conducting nuclear bombing runs against North Korea. We actually had nuclear weapons until the end of the Cold War. We actually had nuclear weapons stationed in South Korea,” Stein asserted.

“So this is very frightening to them. They’ve been basically cornered into feeling like they have to develop a nuclear weapon,” she continued.


First reported by The Blaze.