Rush Limbaugh On Firing Of Scaramucci: ‘Mooch, You Gotta Mooch Off Somebody Else Now, Because It’s Over!’

On Monday, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh responded to the firing of Anthony Scaramucci just 11 days after he became the White House communications director.

Limbaugh envisioned a scenario in which newly appointed Chief of Staff, General Kelly, ordered Scaramucci be fired. He then imagined Trump exclaiming, “Mooch, you gotta mooch off somebody else now, because it’s over!”

“Now, the word on Kelly is, you know,” Limbaugh explained, “he’s a military man. He’s a lieutenant general. He’s a button-down, kick ass guy, and he was gonna bring discipline to the White House. The leaking was gonna stop and all these individual contractors in there trying to ply their own secrets and their own leaks to advance their own careers, not being on the team, that was gonna stop.”

“And so Kelly getting rid of Scaramucci, after I’ve read this profile,” he added, “makes perfect sense. That a guy like Scaramucci would be somebody that Marine Lieutenant General Kelly would have literally no use for. ‘I’m not gonna do the job if that guy is gonna be out there speaking for you every day.’ I can hear him saying it. And so Trump said, ‘Well, if that’s what you want, Mooch, you gotta mooch off somebody else now, because it’s over.’ Yeah.”

Limbaugh argued that Scaramucci’s firing was necessary as a result of the constant leaks coming from the White House.

“I can no more imagine,” he said, “if Trump called me — this will never happen, just an illustration — if Trump called me, and said, ‘I want you to do X.’ I can’t imagine taking the job and then leaking things every day to undermine. I just can’t.”

“And that’s apparently been going on a lot,” Limbaugh noted. “It just befuddles me. I can understand Obama holdovers in the deep state, and I can understand Republican and Democrat establishment types who hate Trump. But people Trump asked and hired, some of those people have been leaking too, and to the detriment of Trump.”

“Which means that the effort to undermine Trump is deep, intricately woven and consists of a lot of phonies who somehow convinced Trump that they were huge,” he ended, “100 percent supporters when they weren’t. They wanted these positions just to be able to undermine and so forth.”


First reported by The Blaze.