Experienced Actor Is In Favor Of ‘Probably 90 Percent Of The Things’ Done By Trump

In an interview with Fox News, “Good Times” actor Jimmie Walker announced that he is in favor of “probably 90 percent of the things” done by President Donald Trump. Walker, who gained stardom during his role as “Kid Dy-no-mite!,” also stated that he proclaims himself to be “a logical independent” which is very atypical of Hollywood.

“There’s not one positive Trump joke out here,” Walker said. “No president has been attacked in recent years — because you couldn’t attack [Barack] Obama because he was black. … But Trump, they have come out guns blazing against him, but even though I don’t like everything he does, why, heck, darn it, I think he deserves some sort of praise. … But you can’t say that in Hollywood.”

“I’m not against Trump, but he makes mistakes, too,” he added.

Walker noted that in the past, comedians were allowed to make offensive comments without being berated. However, the politically correct far-left now attacks anyone who makes jokes that were once accepted.

“I think … anything that anybody says really is scrutinized,” he declared. “It’s nothing personal! Everybody takes everything so hard! I think that’s really what the problem is. Everybody is too sensitive.”

As evidence, Walker highlighted “Bill Maher’s use of the N-word on a July 2 episode of “Real Time.”

“It was a joke!” Walker exclaimed. “Come on, people! I love Bill Maher … even though Bill Maher has not put me on his show in about 10 years … Bill Maher is not a racist … calm down.”

Walker also showed sympathy for Kathy Griffin after she posted a controversial picture holding a severed head that looked like Trump. He did, however, criticize Griffin for attempting to blame the backlash of the photo on the fact that she is a woman.

“I hate to see that she goes down like this because in Hollywood, I’ve said this a million times … comedy is a left-wing affair,” Walker highlighted. “There is no right-wing comedy.”

First reported by The Blaze.