Elizabeth Warren Gives Announcement On Speculated 2020 Presidential Run

On Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced that she will not run for president in 2020 despite liberals’ hopes that she would do so.

“I am doing my job every single day. I’m not running for president,” Warren said during an event in Revere, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Herald.

Warren asserted that her main responsibility is to fight against the policies supported by Trump. Nevertheless, Warren’s Senate seat will face an election in 2018.

“We are focused on right now and need to be focused on the fights that are in front of us,” Warren declared. “We barely escaped having health care rolled back for 25 million Americans. We’ve got a budget battle coming up. We got a possible shutdown of the government coming up in September. We have an immigration crisis on our hands. We got a Russia investigation.”

Geoff Diehl, the Republican state representative who plans to run against Warren, contended that she has become the representative of the liberal platform and is not focused on working for her constituents in Massachusetts.

“She’s running for president. This is just, she’s taking us for granted, just sees this as a pit stop on her way to national office,” Diehl tried to explain to her supporters outside the town hall, according to WBZ-TV.

At the event, Warren emphasized a need to remain committed to the Democratic agenda.

“We can’t just play this game of once every four years and getting focused there. We need to focus on the fights in front of us,” she explained.


First reported by The Blaze.