Trump Is Having Conversations With Special Counsel Mueller Through His Attorney

John Dowd, chief counsel to President Donald Trump, reported that the president has been in communication through his attorney with special counsel Robert Mueller.

On Tuesday, in an interview with USA Today, Dowd stated that Trump “appreciates what Bob Mueller is doing.” Through private messages, Dowd remarked that Trump has been communicating his “appreciation” and directing his “greetings” to Mueller.

“He asked me to share that with him and that’s what I’ve done,” Dowd stated. He also highlighted that “the president has sent messages back and forth” with the special counsel.

Trump has publicly condemned the investigation into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and Russian officials as a “witch hunt” and a “cloud” over his administration. Regardless of these statements, Dowd asserted that Trump has a good relationship with Mueller and their conversation have been “constructive.”

“We get along well with Bob Mueller,” Dowd remarked. “Our communications have been constructive. But it is important that our communications remain confidential. It’s important that there not be any breakdown in that trust.”

Despite accounts that suggested Trump wanted to fire Mueller, Dowd contended that removing Mueller from his position had “never been on the table.”

“That’s never been on the table, never,” Dowd commented. “It’s a manifestation of the media.”

Down further stated that he holds Mueller in the highest esteem.

“My dealings with Bob Mueller have always been cordial, respectful — the way it should be,” he ended.


First reported by The Blaze.