CNN Debate On North Korea Gets Out Of Control; ‘That Is Some Weapons Grade Stupidity!’

On Wednesday, a CNN discussion got heated while discussing the effectiveness of President Donald Trump’s threatening remarks against North Korea. CNN host Brooke Baldwin was unable to moderate the argument as Republican strategist Rick Wilson and CNN political commentator Ben Ferguson began shouting at one another.

“Ben’s answer to you betrays a level of naïveté about nuclear weapons and about the Korean peninsula in specific that is utterly staggering,” Wilson replied. “That is some weapons grade stupidity right there. Because the fact of the matter is you don’t threaten people — the deterrence model is this. You say to another country if you hit me with nuclear weapons I will respond.”

“Listen carefully because you’re having a hard time understanding this,” Ferguson ridiculed. “There are other options militarily besides only nuclear options. ‘Fire and fury’ does not necessarily mean only push the red button for a nuclear war.

“It is incredibly incompetent and ignorant to imply that the only option that our military has is to actually do nuclear war,” he asserted. “That is not what the president said yesterday.”

“By which you therefore accept the fact that South Korea will endure millions of casualties,” Wilson cut in.

“That is not what the president said yesterday,” Ferguson shot back, “you’re implying that there’s only one option. There is more than one option.”

“Let me cut through this for a second,” Baldwin interjected. “Ben I totally understand the point you’re making and how Rick you’re arguing against it, and so to Ben’s point if the diplomacy thus far has not been working what in your opinion, and you have the State Department saying let’s give it a shot, let’s get North Korea at the table, in your opinion what is the best option?”

“Look, you have to move this into a deterrence frame,” Wilson responded. “And a deterrence frame is not threatening a pre-emptive strike. A deterrence frame is — if weapons are deployed and used by North Korea, then a nuclear response is on the table. But you don’t lay it out there. And Donald Trump was not talking about a conventional strike. The language was hardly coded.”

“You’re telling me the only time the president can use the words ‘fire and fury’ is literally if nuclear weapons are in the air?” Ferguson questioned. “Are you literally kidding me right now?”

“If you’re gonna pull something out of the book of Isaiah, in terms of…” Wilson answered.

“That is the worst foreign policy I’ve heard of in my entire life!” Ferguson exclaimed.


First reported by The Blaze.