Trump Declares ‘Fire And Fury’ Warning To North Korea Not ‘Tough Enough’

On Thursday, President Donald Trump declared to the media that his “fire and fury” warnings directed towards North Korea were not “tough enough.”

“They’ve been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years,” Trump said in reference to North Korean threats. “And it’s about time that somebody stuck up for this country and for the people of other countries.”

On Tuesday, Trump warned North Korea not to provoke the United States, “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

After a security briefing at his gold club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump proclaimed, “If anything, maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough.”

North Korea announced that they were “seriously examining the plan for an enveloping strike at Guam through simultaneous fire of four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic rockets in order to interdirect the enemy forces on major military bases on Guam and to signal a crucial warning to the U.S.”

In response, Trump refused to give into North Korea’s hostility.

“I will tell you this, if North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous,” Trump assured. “They should be very nervous. Things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”

“He has disrespected our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific. And with me, he’s not getting away with it,” Trump said of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

“It’s not a dare,” Trump insisted. “It’s a statement. It has nothing to do with dare. That’s a statement. He’s not going to go around threatening Guam, and he’s not gonna threaten the United States, and he’s not gonna threaten Japan. He’s not gonna threaten South Korea. No, that’s not a dare, as you say. That is a statement of fact.”


First reported by The Blaze.