Ben Shapiro Goes Off On Alt-Right In Twitter Tirade

On Sunday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to condemn the “alt-right,” arguing that it is a movement that eschews conservatism and instead embodies white nationalism.

A day after riots erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, Shapiro went on a Twitter rant, labeling the “alt-right” as “evil” and “having nothing to do with constitutional conservatism.”

Shapiro further stated that although the alt-right makes up only a tiny percentage of the right, media portrayal of the radical group makes people believe that it is much larger. He added that the alt-right projects a “very definite philosophy.” Shapiro blamed white supremacists, like Richard Spencer, who “articulated” the racist ideology.

Furthermore, Shapiro holds the White House partially responsible for the rise of the alt-right.

“Yes, that includes [President Donald] Trump and [Steve] Bannon,” he posted.

Shapiro described three components that will help the alt-right gain influence: “Pandering politicians and media figures catering to or ignoring them; Left-wingers labeling all right-wingers alt-right and therefore leading innocent people to believe that alt-right Judy means right; And left-wing violent groups like Antifa that drive fools into the belief that anyone who fights Antifa is necessarily an ally.”

Shapiro equated the alt-right movement to similar political groups, like Nazi “brownshirts” or “SS” and communists.

“We’re watching a tiny microcosm replay of brownshirts vs. reds in Weimar Germany. They’re even carrying the same flags,” stated Shapira.

In order to stop the alt-right, Shapiro argued that the White House, along with the media, must target the movement.

“And leadership in media and especially the White House must actively and thunderously condemn the evil we’re watching metastasize,” Shapiro said.


First reported by The Blaze.