CNN Contributor Questions Another’s ‘Blackness’ During Heated Panel Debate

On Monday, a CNN panel got personal while discussing the Charlottesville riots and the subsequent response from President Donald Trump.

Contributors Paris Dennard and Keith Boykin got into the argument while addressing Trump’s remarks. As such, Boykin asserted that Trump did not exhibit “moral clarity” in his statement about the violence in Charlottesville.

Dennard countered Boykin, contending that Trump’s comments were patriotic. He also highlighted that Trump condemned David Duke while he was running for president.

“He has a history of racism and he has failed to repudiate this,” Boykin replied. “I’m offended that you continue to go there, Paris, but the reality is that President Trump has not done enough. And I’m ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say that.”

As a black Republica, Dennard shot back, “Don’t come to me and tell me about what it means to be a black person in this country!” and continued, “Keith, I don’t need you to try and pull my black card. I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to try to classify me as being one.”

“Are you?” Boykin questioned and stated that Dennard was being “sensitive and defensive.”

“Keith, don’t go there,” Dennard cautioned. “Do not go there. I know what it means to be a black person in this country. I have experienced racism on a regular basis, by being a Trump supporter, and by being a proud American who happens to be a Republican. I get racist comments about my family. About my mother. About my girlfriend. About my character. Every single day and mostly coming from black people.”

“I will not come on this show and be disrespected,” Dennard exclaimed at the moderator, Brooke Baldwin.

“He better watch how he talks about me!” he said, visibly angry.

“Paris, shut up, please, for God’s sake!” Boykin responded.

Enraged, Dennard replied, “Don’t tell me to shut up on this show! This is preposterous!”

First reported by The Blaze.