Laura Ingraham Mocks Charles Krauthammer After He Criticizes Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

On Tuesday, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham mocked conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer after he condemned President Donald Trump for comments made during his press conference regarding the terror attack in Charlottesville.

“I think he made, I think his statement yesterday was clear and strong,” Ingraham said, “and it was compassionate. I think he should have said it on Saturday. I have no idea why he didn’t. But what has been going on in the media – it’s not about the statues, it’s not about people who are offended by the statues, you know it’s about power and control.”

“What’s going on with the debate in this country,” she added, “people drive by these statues every day, most people don’t even know what’s on the statues. But now it’s become a symbol. OK. Tear down all the statues, take them all down, that’s what he said today. Now what? Are we gonna put people back to work? Great. But white supremacy – evil. Violence – evil. The murder, terrorism, what happened to that poor woman – evil. He’s called it all out but it will never be enough for the people who despise him and his agenda.”

“And there are people on the right,” Ingraham continued, “and people on the left, who do not want him to succeed no matter what. Did he make tactical mistakes? Yes he did.”

“You said you have no idea why he didn’t say it on Saturday?” Krauthammer asked. “I’ll tell you why he didn’t say it on Saturday, which he made plain today. Because that’s not what’s in his heart.”

“You can read a heart? Wow, you really are a Ph.D,” Ingraham ridiculed.

“What he said yesterday was what he was reading off a prompter,” Krauthammer stated. “He had, he was not asked to do the press conference. His staff was shocked that he went into this.”

“The reason he did it,” he ended, “he has a point to make and he made it very clear to the country that what he believes and what he feels is what he said on Saturday, and not what he read two days later.”

First reported by The Blaze.