Ann Coulter Says Bannon’s Firing Shows Trump Is ‘Manipulable’

On Friday, conservative commentator Ann Coulter held the media accountable for the dismissal of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Coulter tweeted her disgust at the media for persuading Trump to fire Bannon.

Subsequently, Coulter described why she thinks Trump is so readily influenced by media during an interview with The Daily Caller.

“This makes it appear that Trump is easily manipulable by the media,” Coulter asserted. “They just need to give all credit to any White House staffer they want to get rid of. I dread to think of who the media decide to get rid of next.”

Coulter contended that Trump should surround himself with more controversial figures, like Bannon. Instead of giving into the what the mainstream media wants, Trump should hire the people who helped him get elected.

“Not good news. Instead of firing Bannon, because Trump had his nose out of joint about the media giving Bannon all credit for the victory, Trump should’ve hired ten more like him. Media heads would have exploded,” Coulter said.

Moreover, she highlighted the fact that many people within the Trump administration did not support the president until he won the 2016 election.

“Of course, Trump won the nomination and the presidency of his own will! Bannon supported those issues and supported Trump at least as early as January 2016,” Coulter continued. “Who else in the White House did? Most of the White House staff wasn’t on the Trump train until after the election.”


First reported by TheBlaze.