Krauthammer On Bannon’s Return To Breitbart: ‘Really A Bloody Affair’

On Friday, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer argued that Steve Bannon is now “immensely” more influential after leaving the Trump administration. Krauthammer further contended that his return to Breitbart News will be “really a bloody affair.”

“In the wake of everything we saw this week, it obviously was not a message that well-received,” Fox News host Bret Baier questioned.

“I think that was part, there were several strikes against Bannon about that interview,” Krauthammer answered. “North Korea, the undermining of the president’s policy, basically saying it’s a bluff and it’s an empty bluff. The China part where he said we’re at war, economic war with China.”

“Just when the president is trying to use Chinese influence on the North Korea problem, and then this,” he continued. “I mean it may be that they’ve made their calculation, the president has, particularly when he came out for retaining the confederate memorials. This is a winning issue, if you look at the polls, it is a winning issue.”

“And they want to play this in part to get away from the Charlottesville press conference,” Krauthhammer added, “but also in part because it’s a winning issue, a cultural issue inside the country.”

“But you don’t say it out loud,” he exclaimed. “That’s what was so amazing about this.”

“Bannon was saying we want race to be an issue,” Krauthammer noted. “We want the country to be divided over this, because we’re gonna win. So you add that, I think, on the ledger of things you simply don’t say in an interview, and you had what I called on the show earlier, the ‘Scaramucci moment.’”

“There are certain things that you simply can’t say and survive,” he said. “And he didn’t survive.”

First reported by The Blaze.